5 Essential Things to Consider When Hosting a Party

If you’re the life of the party, you’re also the host of the party every once in a while. And, when you’re the chief facilitator, you got to be tremendous at the very least. That’s a whole lot of pressure! There are tons of things to mull over, and there’s not a single room for error. It may not be as easy as pie all along, but once you’ve become familiar with all these whatnots that usually tickle partygoers’ fancy, you’re all good.

Below are five important factors you need to focus on if you want to throw the coolest party ever!

  1. Food

The way to your guests’ hearts is through their respective tummies. You think they’re going because they want to get drunk? Well, that could be possible, but it’s always great to be enjoying booze if the stomach’s full. You may opt for catering, but please make sure you’ve already tried their victuals yourself and that they are absolutely lip smacking. Or, if you want some homemade stuff so you could show off your cooking skills, make sure you and your assistants really know how to whip up awesome dishes or you’d be damned for life! Well, you also can have your alien friends do all the cooking… just make sure they taste good. At the end of the day, the goal is for your food to taste amazing.

  1. Drinks

Most of your guests probably want to get all tanked up, so it wouldn’t really hurt to please them the day of the party. You need to serve a variety of drinks to the attendees because scores of people means gazillions of proclivities. Some may want to settle for tea, juice, or any pretty drinks. Others would absolutely crave for the hard stuff. Don’t worry about them getting completely inebriated in the middle of the party because it’s when people get recklessly high that the event becomes even more exciting. P.S. Don’t forget the chiller (especially for the beers), as well as lots of ice cubes!

  1. Surprises

Never let a party end without your pulling off a surprise or a few of them. Make your event extra special by adding even just a little element of bombshell to it. You can have dollar bills of various denominations taped under the seats. In the middle of the program, shock everyone by telling them there are actually prizes under their asses, and wouldn’t it be so much fun! Or, out of the blue, you may perform a crazy dance routine that would give your guests nightmares for weeks… but, at least you were a bit successful in entertaining them.

  1. Music

A party sans music is technically not having a party at all. What’s great about this time and age is that you could easily find tracks online. You could just stream them, or download them and put them on your player. There’s just no way you can’t have music at your party! If the event’s packed with young guns, the more recent the songs are, definitely the better. Otherwise, the classics might work just fine. If you want to be really on point, conduct a survey with your expected guests so you’d know what they want to hear.

  1. Bathroom

Because there’s booze and lots of frolicking and stuff, expect that your guests are going to need the bathroom more often than you’ve ever imagined they would. The comfort rooms should always be accessible. Also, they should be clean (though how much they’d become a mess after the party wraps up). The faucets and buttons should be in great working condition.

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