How to be the Best Host

It’s not enough that you got the grandest party in town. You also need to be the ultra best host that you could ever make out of yourself. The person handling the event is much more important than the event itself. He/she stands at the vanguard of it all, thus all sorts of impression originate from him/her. You don’t want bad reviews, right?

There are tons of ways to be on top of your game during the entire occasion. But, first of all, shake off all your apprehensions and relax. For christ sake, never meet your guests looking stressed and exhausted.

Below are five lines of attack that could well likely help you nail your hosting a party.

  • Guest Basket

Expect that most of your attendees are having an overnight at your place. You know, booze and stuff! What else to look ahead to? And, most of them haven’t obviously prepared for it. Provide each one who’s going to stay the night with all these various essentials: a disposable toothbrush and a sachet of toothpaste to go with it; shampoo and conditioner; shaving thingamabobs (for men) or tampons (men don’t need them, so this one’s for girls); a couple of over-the-counter meds; as well as pain relievers. Put all of them in a single basket, and you’re automatically the best host ever. At the end of the day, your guests’ welfare should be of utmost priority.

  • Charging Station

charging dockWe’re not in the 80s or 90s, so your guests must have some gadgets in tow as they attend your party. They would need them to take selfies, make phone calls to their respective homes to check if the babies are already sound asleep, as well as capture videos they could giggle at later on. What if the batteries died down? That’s when you could become the coolest person ever by having a charging station at the venue of the party or by simply revealing to them all the possible outlets they could make use of for recharging purposes.

  • Wi-Fi

Because they got their smartphones and laptops with them, Wi-Fi is imperative. Don’t be so tightfisted and not tell your guests the password to that exceedingly vital thing called Internet connection. Your guests would need it to be able to upload their hundreds of selfies (taken just that night alone), as well as to Facetime their loved ones. Some might need it for online shopping. Who shops while attending a party! Well, anything could be possible, so you got to be ready.

  • Breakfast

Coffee will be in high demandThis would benefit those who are staying overnight. Your breakfast meal doesn’t need to be lavish, okay? However  Just the simple stuff will do. Have packs of cereal and fresh milk, cereals or pastries. Get your coffeemaker ready too because some need their daily dose of caffeine. Like, you, the host, don’t even need to cook! But, if someone just couldn’t stomach cold food, let that person feel extremely welcome to use your kitchen by telling him/her that he/she actually could. This is where you want to have a few little time/ effort saving kitchen appliances –

  • Be Approachable

Who would want to come face-to-face with you if you’re as severe as Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada? It’s not like you need to be someone you’re not just so you could please your guests. Just be a little kinder—if you’re not—than usual and you’d be awesome. Put a smile instead of a frown on your face and talk to your guests as relaxed and as fun as possible. That way, people wouldn’t feel awkward being at your event because you make them feel like they could freely paint the town red.

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