Karaoke Games Ideas

If you are planning your next party and you are stumped for ideas to keep your guests entertained – a lot of people definitely love music, especially singing.

That’s when a karaoke machine will come in handy, there are plenty of places that will let you rent one for a reasonable price. If you want to ‘wow’ your guests you are probably wondering how to learn how to sing, I would recommend an online course rather than an instructor, follow link to know see an example.

Just singing alone is not overly entertaining, to spice things up a bit you should play karaoke games, here are a few games and ideas that you can do with your guests during your karaoke party.

  1. Boa Limbo

Limbo is a popular game for every party, no matter how young or how old the guests are. For your party, you can make use of a feathered boa. The last one who can get the lowest level will be declared as the winner. During this game, you may play several funky songs so that while the players try to cross the limbo, he can shake his body a little and the spectators can also sing and have fun.

  1. Name That Song!

With this game, you should divide your guests into several teams, depending on the number of guests you have invited over. If you only invited a few friends, then, it will also be good to play this game individually. You will need to prepare quite a number of popular songs beforehand so that you can start the game immediately.

After dividing the team, play only a couple of seconds of the song. Then, wait until a certain team or someone guesses the correct song title. If you want to, you may also award points to the player if he provides the name of the artist who sang the song.

  1. So What, I’m A Rock Star!

In this game, you will need to prepare a number of post-it notes, one note per guest. On each note, you should write the name of a famous rock star. When your guests start to arrive, you should stick the post-it note to the back of the shirt of each guest, one by one.

You should make sure that each person will not know whose name is on the note that is on the back of his shirt. Instead, the individual should ask yes or no questions only to other people in order to guess who the rock star is. This will be a great way for all guests to mingle with one another.

  1. Wild N’ Out Rap Game

Prepare several topics, write each topic on a piece of paper and put them inside a bag. It will be good if you will go with funny topics so that the raps will be funny, too. Then, divide your guests into small teams. Have a representative from each team draw out a random topic from the bag.

Give the teams about 10 to 15 minutes to come up with a rap that says all about the topic that they have picked. Afterwards, each group will have to perform their raps. Everyone, then, gets to vote the funniest rap performance. The team that has the highest number of votes will be declared as the winner.

  1. Rock Star Look-A-Like Contest

You can tell your guests ahead of time to come to your party while they are dressed as their favorite rock star. If you have a specific theme, such as a Glee-themed party or an American Idol-themed one, then, you can ask them to dress up like their favorite Glee actors or their favorite contestants from American Idol. You should then prepare prizes that you can give away to anyone who is the best-dressed, most creative, funniest one, and others.

  1. Who Sang It First?

In this game, prepare a couple of artists who will be guessed by the players. For each artist, prepare ten of their songs. Then, divide your guests into two teams. For each artist, provide a song one by one, starting from the least popular song. The teams will then try to guess who is the artist who sang the song. The first team who guesses the right artist with the least number of songs will get the point. If both teams guessed it right, they get points each.

  1. Just Call Me T Swizzle

In this game, you can bring out the creative writing skills of your guests when it comes to song lyrics. Prepare and write several fun titles on pieces of paper and put them inside a bag. Then, let your guests form teams of two or three and have each team draw a piece of paper outside of the bag. Whatever title they got, they should make a whole song about it within 20 to 30 minutes. Then, let them perform their piece.

  1. Don’t Forget The Lyrics… Or Else!

Prepare a list of around 20 to 30 lines from various songs with a word or phrase missing from each line. Then, write several truth or dare questions in pieces of paper. Put each piece inside balloons and inflate them. During the game, play the music while the guests pass the balloon with the paper inside. Stop it randomly and whoever is holding the balloon should guess the missing word or phrase correctly. If he is right, then, the game continues. If he is wrong, he has to pop the balloon and do the truth or dare challenge.

Indeed, a karaoke party provides fun and enjoyment. Not only will you focus on the lyrics but you can also focus on costumes. With good music, your guests will surely enjoy the party.


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