Things To Consider When Buying A Projector For Your Next Party

Most people would want to set up their own projection system for their home theaters. Unfortunately, not everyone can do so. There are a lot of requirements that a homeowner like you needs to meet in order to set up one. You will need controlled lighting, lots of room as well as spending money in buying essential accessories. However, a projection system can also be a good investment. You may be facing some challenges along the waythough, with regards to the purchase.

The lighting

You have to know that projection systems display the images through the use of reflected light. On the other hand, LCD TV, Plasma TV and other flat panel televisions give off their own light in order to display images. For this matter, the projector will have to compete with the other lights that are present inside a room in order to display the pictures. Even if there is a small amount of ambient light inside the room, it can still wash out the image projected by the unit.

There are a number of projectors that stand good chances of competing with the lights inside the room. However, not one of them is perfect. When purchasing a projector, you should take a look at the output brightness rating which usually is measured in lumens or ANSI lumens. If a small amount of ambient light is present, then, a projector with at least 1700 lumens will be good. A stronger ambient light will need a projector with at least 3000 lumens. No projector with a bigger rating, though, can totally block out the ambient light. Whenever the lights are one, the images that are displayed by projectors will always appear washed out.

Purpose of your projector

There are projectors designed specifically for gaming, they are generally more expensive the most expensive being a 1080p 3d gaming projector, for most people that is completely unnecessary. If you just want to watch movies than a simple projector should be sufficient and will be about half the price of a gaming projector.

The size of the room

A projector needs a big room because the size of the screen may become quite large for the projector. Aside from that, you will have a bigger space for the room that you or another person cannot walk through without blocking the screen if it is larger.

Most of the projectors nowadays can already display images in normal as well as upside-down modes. In this case, you have flexibility to decide where you can mount your projector. A ceiling mount is ideal since you will have a lot of floor space that you can use for seating. It will also be better for the room to be longer. If possible, you should put most seats behind the projector so that there will be less blocking of your screen.


The projector screen

The screen is also an important deciding factor. A good projector needs a good screen. Before you make your purchase, you should also do your research as to what will be the best type for your ow home. You can consider several options when you purchase a screen for your own projector.

First, you can opt for a pull-down screen which you can usually find in college classrooms. Its price may range from $100 up to $200. You can also easily hide it away if it is not in use.

If you have extra funds, you can opt to build your own home theater projector screen frame if you like. You can then utilize matte vinyl fabric or any other applicable screen material to be set in the frame. When you purchase the material, you should make sure that it has a lower gain rating and a good viewing angle. You can go with a pre-built screen unit which is a cheaper alternative.

If you want to set a section of your wall for entertainment purposes alone, then, you might want to paint it with reflective matte paint. With this, you will not have to worry about any kind of fabric material getting torn or ripped.

Other costs

Hidden costs are always present when you choose a projection system over an HD television. First, you will have to take the cost of replacing the lamp into consideration. A projector needs a high-powered lamp in order to do its job which is to project images. In most cases, such bulb does not last longer than an HDTV.

Most projectors that are in the market at present can typically last from one to two years of heavy use before you can replace the lamps. The bulb could be very expensive so you have to decide whether this recurring cost is something that is worthwhile. You also have to check the audio system as most projectors do not have built-in audio systems. You will have to buy a separate audio system which is another expense.

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